My Story

Hello I’m Tam a wife and mum who loves all things homely, whether it be cooking, entertaining, decorating (cleaning.......not so much) I love it all. My top priority is my family and I love spending my time with them and our 3 fur babies. 
In January 2020 my husband Haydn our children Riley and Tayla and myself set off for a new life in Perth, Australia but little did we know at the time that the path we were leading into would be short and not our destiny.  Three months later due to business reasons and covid we were on a repatriation flight back to our homeland in Durban, South Africa.
Whilst in Perth I saw how many beautiful products they had for pantry and kitchen organisation and I had just started to add some beautiful products to my pantry when we decided to come home. When I had settled back into South Africa and started looking into finishing my pantry I realised us South Africans don't have many options so I had an idea to start my own small business of importing a small range of pantry/kitchen organisation products. I had a plan, I did some research and with a nudge from family and friends and support from Haydn I started Heart to Home.  
My philosophy is simplicity, functionality and practicality by offering you the products to help you live your most organised, stress free, happiest life and of course have the most beautiful pantry.  I would love Heart to Home to be your one stop shop for all things pantry from our glass jar/set selections and labels to the cute little add ons like the water bottles.  The small bamboo range is just gorgeous and I would like to grow it in the future.  I hope you find all that you are looking for on this website and if you love all things organisation like I do then I'm sure you will love the products I have to offer.   
Happy Shopping
Much love Tam xx