How to apply vinyl labels

Ensure the surface you are applying the label to is completely clean and dry.  Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the vinyl.  Remove the backing from the vinyl, exposing the adhesive leaving the transfer paper in place.  Be very careful and slow when doing this to make sure you do not tear the vinyl in the process.  If at any time the vinyl does not want to come off the backing paper especially the i push down on the paper again in the spot, then rub vinyl and try pulling off again. Once backing paper is removed arrange design on the surface from center of the letters first and work your way out. Press down firmly with a credit card or similar over the entire label to affix and remove any air bubbles.  Peel away the transfer paper slowly and gently at an angle starting from the top and pulling down.  If the letters start to lift with the transfer paper, lay it back down and press down with the card again.  Vinyl is only fully waterproof 24 hours after application.  Hand wash is always recommended as labels are not dishwasher safe.

I hope these labels bring organisation and order to your home. Enjoy